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The The act of rendering a person legitimate; "he has filial rights because he obtained letters of legitimation from the king"; "his parents' subsequent marriage resulted in his legitimation" Legalization: the act of making lawful [ source ] transitive verb. : to make (someone or something) legitimate (see legitimate entry 1 ): a (1) : to give legal status or authorization to. (2) : to show or affirm to be justified. (3) : to lend authority or respectability to.

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[] necessary to the perpetuation. [] of the 'social order' as the evolution of the power relationship between classes tends more completely to exclude the imposition of a hierarchy based upon the crude and ruthless affirmation of the power relationship. Svensk översättning av 'legitimate' - engelskt-svenskt lexikon med många fler översättningar från engelska till svenska gratis online. Translations of the phrase HAR DU LEGITIMATIONEN from swedish to english and examples of the use of "HAR DU LEGITIMATIONEN" in a sentence with their translations: Var har du legitimationen , scarback?

‘But this isn't the same as popular legitimation. Found 62 sentences matching phrase "E-legitimation".Found in 11 ms.

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Legitimation sentences

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Legitimation sentences

legitimate (also: commensurate, fair, feasible, likely, moderate, plausible, possible, probable, fair enough) volume_up. More example sentences. ‘On the contrary, even leftist commentators are lamenting its lack of legitimation.’. ‘What exactly are the mechanisms and institutions of legitimation?’. ‘The absence of UN legitimation of this exercise, as I've said many times in the past, has never been the central issue.’.

Legitimation sentences

Grant questioned the legitimacy of the experiment results and decided to redo the testing. 🔊. During the trial, the legitimacy of the suspect’s alibi was called into question. 🔊 legitimacy in a sentence - Use legitimacy in a sentence and its meaning 1. There is legitimacy to the reluctance to run fillies against colts. 2. It will work to expand our legitimacy in the corporate marketplace, click for more sentences of legitimacy Legitimationen kan till fund eller annan yrkesorganisation misstanke i stället för att exempel överlämnas åt en fullmaktsinnehavare eller pålitlig vända sig till de normala myndigheterna med ansvar för tredje part (exempelvis ett annat kreditinstitut eller finansiellt penningtvättsbekämpning.
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That's a perfectly legitimate question. 2.

www.fultoncourt.org Legitimate definition is - lawfully begotten; specifically : born in wedlock.
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Körkort och legitimation, tack. License and registration, please.

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warning Anmäl ett fel. Körkort och legitimation, tack. License and registration, please. legitimation translation in English-Swedish dictionary.

Upon this right an inroad was early made, in consequence of the question of legitimation by Show More Sentences The Tudors who succeeded Richard to the throne reinforced their own legitimacy by setting out systematically to trash him. Having claimed the legitimacy given him by huge support in the streets, al Sisi banned demonstrations that might turn against him. Legitimate in a sentence 1. That's a perfectly legitimate question. 2.